Rise Of Iron – New Destiny Expansion On The Way

Rise Of Iron – New Destiny Expansion On The Way

Source: GameRant

With E3 right around the corner, there is a chance that Destiny fans will get a look at the game’s next expansion at the event. However, it appears as though some details about the next expansion for Destiny have leaked ahead of time, namely the title of the expansion, and the possibility of it introducing an impressive new melee weapon to the game.

This leak comes courtesy of Reddit user RWeav2, who revealed the name of Destiny‘s next expansion to be Rise of Iron. RWeav2 also described the cover of the expansion as featuring a Titan holding a “giant flaming two handed axe,” with a pack of wolves surrounding him.

Understandably, Reddit users were a bit skeptical about RWeav2’s claims. However, he then provided evidence to back up his claims, posting what appears to be a photo of the Rise of Ironcover, or maybe concept art of the expansion. Of course, it could be fake, but if it is, someone went through a lot of trouble just to rib the Destiny community.



The photo confirms RWeav2’s description of wolves and a flaming, two-handed axe. It’s possible that the axe is proof that Rise of Iron will be adding more melee weapons to the game to go along with The Taken King‘s swords. It will be interesting to see if the axe is joined by any other new weapons, and if it is Titan-specific. And if it is Titan-specific, it could be possible that other Destiny classes will get outfitted with new melee weapons as well.

In any case, hopefully we will learn whether or not Rise of Iron is legitimate soon. We know that Activision won’t have a booth at E3 this year, but there’s a possibility that Destiny will still be showcased – most likely during Sony’s E3 2016 press conference. After all, Sony has a history of championing Destiny at E3, and with the next Destiny expansion rumored for a September release, it would make perfect sense to showcase it at E3 in June.

One thing is for certain, and that is Destiny has at least one other expansion in the pipeline before Destiny 2 releases next year. Fans shouldn’t have to wait too long to learn if Rise of Iron is that expansion or not, especially if previous rumors of its September release date turn out to be true.

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