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Sign Up For The Ghost In The Shell: First Assault Beta Now

Giving up the ghost

In 2016, Nexon and Neople will allow players to enter an MMO that sees them fighting enemies in a futuristic world based on the works of Shirow Masamune. Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex – First Assault Online will allow players to become an augmented soldier with abilities like Section 9’s Major Motoko Kusanagi and Saito. However, an earlier opportunity to play will be available with October closed betas.

People who are accepted will be notified prior to the first closed beta test on October 1. Their participation will be rewarded with an opportunity to register their name early and get a “First Assault” weapon skin for the completed game. The initial event will run from October 1-4, and will be followed by subsequent testing periods. (Source: Siliconera)

Sign up for the beta HERE.

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