Sonic’s Nightmarish Movie Design Is Officially Being Redone

Sonic’s Nightmarish Movie Design Is Officially Being Redone

Look, I’ve never been totally against Paramount and SEGA’s upcoming live action/CG Sonic the Hedgehog movie. Even after the newly-dropped first trailer, I feel like there could be a kind of weird, twisted fun to be had. The whole ‘alien’ backstory is odd, sure, but it could work. Let’s not pretend like the integrity of Sonic lore has ever been more than shaky to begin with. Hell, I kind of like Jim Carrey’s Dr Robotnik, too.

But…that Sonic. Why?

The human boy-like proportions. The mismatched, stark white fur instead of gloves. The face. The eyes. The teeth. Make it stop.

Thankfully, they are. In a recent tweet, director Jeff Fowler had the following to say:

Time will only tell just how extensive the changes are, especially when you consider how much time and money Paramount have already spent on the current version. Though, if something as monstrous as that can pass through as many hands as it has to get to this point, well, they made the fucking bed that thing lives under.

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