Sony Releases Until Dawn Companion App

Sony Releases Until Dawn Companion App

To enhance your Until Dawn experience, Sony has released a companion app for the title. Use the app to uncover in-game secrets and track your progress through the game, You will need WiFi obviously.. a PS4 helps too.

Full app features:

  •  Unlock secrets as you play the main game
  • Track your behaviour as the game progresses in your Player Profile
  • Review the hidden collectables you’ve found in-game
  • Find out the history of the game’s location, Blackwood Pines
  • Test your character traits against the game’s protagonists, and letyour friends know how you did. What would YOU do?
  • Find out more about the characters and their backstories
  • Buy the full game online


Download the companion app on iTunes & Android now. We also loved thee game here, check out our review!




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