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Star Wars: Hunters Gets A New Cinematic Trailer, Some Fresh Details And A Short Look At Gameplay

Free-to-play in a galaxy far far away

Star Wars: Hunters has received a new cinematic trailer, packed with new characters and lots of lightsaber action. Atop this, we’ve also been given some new details about the game, as well as a very brief glimpse at gameplay.

The cinematic trailer for Hunters mainly highlights the game’s tone, while giving us a good look at the character roster. We’ve got a dark side warrior named Reive, a burly Wookie named Grozz, a duo of Jawas dubbed Utooni and a droid that fancies themselves a force user named J-3DI. It’s an eclectic bunch of bright and colourful characters that go blaster to saber in the trailer.

On the official Star Wars website, we also got confirmation that the game is set after Return of the Jedi and that it will be a team-based arena brawler.

Set after the fall of the Galactic Empire, Star Wars: Hunters will connect players in real time to battle in arena settings inspired by iconic Star Wars locales. Compete as daring bounty hunters, heroes of the Rebellion and hold-outs of the fallen Empire in an action game that immerses you in fast-paced and visually stunning Star Wars conflict.

Lastly, as spotted by Gameinformer and Twiter user Daniel O, a short snippet of Hunters gameplay was shown off during the recent Apple Event. The sort look has Reive throwing her red lightsaber at Grozz before closing in some distance and using a ground slam ability.

Star Wars: Hunter will be free-to-play, releasing on Switch and Mobile in 2022.

What are your thoughts on Hunters? Are you down for a free-to-play Star Wars game? Let us know in the comments or on our social media.

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