Support A Worthy Cause And Win Some Great Prizes In Player 2’s Charity Marathon

Support A Worthy Cause And Win Some Great Prizes In Player 2’s Charity Marathon

In what’s become an annual tradition, our good friends at are running their 24-hour Player 2 Charity Marathon for 2019 this coming weekend – starting at 10 am AEST on Saturday (November 2) – where donors can win one of many prizes up for grabs.

All proceeds raised will go towards supporting the Terry Campese Foundation, a charity started by former Australian, NSW and Canberra Raider player Terry Campese, whose goal was to help those in need in his home region. Player 2’s Editor Matt Hewson has been a big advocate and supporter of the foundation for many years, and in June this year he joined the Foundation’s board as an official member, allowing him to now have a say in where the funds raised are used.

With more than $8000 raised over the past two marathons, this year Player 2 is aiming for $4000, which will be used to purchase entertainment systems for sick and injured children at the Queanbyan District Hospital and Braidwood hospital. Player 2 are hoping to raise enough funds to purchase three GAEM Vanguard portable game systems, three gaming consoles and associated accessories, as well as three Android tablets.

It is Player 2’s belief that making any stay in a hospital for a child and their family easier is a goal worth chasing and that is what they are going to do by playing video games for 24 hours and streaming the entire event on Twitch. Player 2 invites people to donate, win prizes and watch the fun as the Player 2 team tries to make it through all 24 hours without nodding off or going insane.

L-R: Matt Hewson (Player 2), Kassandra Packwood (Queanbeayn District Hospital) and Terry Campse

Anyone who donates $5 or more will go into the draw to win prizes which have been donated to the cause by Turn Left Distribution, Bethesda, Xbox Australia, Koch Media ANZ, Ubisoft, 2K Australia and more. To see the full range of prizes and the streaming schedule, click here.

More importantly you can donate here. Even if it’s just a few dollars, every bit helps.

To watch the marathon you can subscribe to Player 2’s Twitch or watch below (when live):

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