Broken Hopes And Dreams – Xürday Times #6 (Year 2, Week 4)

Hot off the presses, we return from our temporary hiatus.

James Franco & Lenny Kravitz VS Guitar Hero Live

Sparks will fly. Riffs will soar.

Destiny: The Taken King Review

Resident Guardian Lord Jordan takes a look at Destiny long awaited expansion, The Taken King

Second Chance Saloon: Issue IV

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of the PS1, we discuss two games from that generation

Guitar Hero Live Gets More Tracks

New tunes added to Guitar Hero's roster

Patience Is A Virtue – Xürday Times #5 (Week 52)

Mr. Tentacleface teaches us about patience and how it is a virtue

Destiny – Court of Oryx Twitch Reveal

Resident Guardian Lord Jordan details what was revealed this morning over on Twitch while he fights off sleep

Black Ops 3: Altar Boy With A Shotgun Part 2

Kieran gives his impressions on the BO3 Beta including a comparison of PS4 vs Xbox One while shooting people in the face

The Hype Train – Destiny: The Taken King

Who would have guessed that Jordan is hyped for Destiny: The Taken King?