do you even game bro

Murasaki Baby Review

Trent revisits his nightmares in Ovonsonico's latest

Second Chance Saloon: Issue II

Kieran and Zach cover a couple of underrated gems in need of the sequel treatment

Mortal Kombat X Review

James "J-Lo" Laurie weighs in on whether MKX is a Sub-Zero out of ten or a Flawless Victory

Battlefield: Hardline Multiplayer Review

Does the all-important multiplayer aspect of Visceral's Cops and Robbers game live up to the Battlefield name?

Do You Even Game, Bro ?

Welcome to Do You Even Game Bro? The site where we ask the question… well… it’s in the name. DYEGB is a small collective of avid Aussie gamers who after many years of devouring gaming-related news and content from across the Interwebz, have decided to venture out on their own and present their spin on the gaming world. The DYEGB egg was fertilised on a dark and stormy night in 2013, on a lonely PS...[Read More]

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