Turtle Rock Studios Are No Longer Working On Evolve

All good things must come to an end. Would this be one of them?

Evolve Stage 2 – Shear Madness Begins

New mode, maps, characters and more!

Evolve Rises From The Ashes

From little things big things grow

Evolve Is Now A Free-To-Play Title

You won't have to spend your money on Evolve, only your time

AAA Sequels That Need Announcing (Part 2)

What other titles do we think need the sequel treatment?

2K Announces New Hunter For Evolve

New hunter available for 2K and Turtle Rock's asymmetric shooter

DLC: Why It’s Here To Stay

Do you remember when buying a game meant buying the full game? John remembers

Twitch Streams

Evolve hasĀ dropped, remember we are here to show you how the pros do it, so keep calm, watch the streams and get around us! Watch live video from doyouevengamebroHQ on www.twitch.tv Watch live video from Shadow0fTheDog on www.twitch.tv