Knack II Review

Knack II is a game about a guy who’s a bunch of rocks. Ironically, it does not rock

Is This Scalebound’s Release Date?

Is this when the dragon-riding season begins?

Sony E3 2016: Horizon Zero Dawn Release Date Announced

Who ordered the Robot Dinosaur?

Steam Gets Exclusive Multiplayer-Only Version of Call of Duty: Black Ops 3

PC players can get a small taste of Black Ops 3's multiplayer for a fraction of the price

Why Quantum Break Should Be Your Most Anticipated Xbox One Exclusive

Zach tells us why out of all the Xbox One exclusives announced, Quantum Break is the one to watch out for

Rise of the Tomb Raider – Descent Into Legend Trailer

Get a new look at Lara's upcoming adventure

Until Dawn Review

Zach tells us what it's like trying to keep eight teenagers alive in lonely Blackwood Pines

Scalebound Gameplay Revealed At Gamescom

Our eyes have been blessed with the first gameplay footage for the upcoming Xbox One exclusive

ReCore Debut Trailer

First look at a new exclusive IP for the Xbox One

The Unfair Pressure On The Order: 1886

  Since its jaw-dropping cinematic unveiling at E3 in 2013, The Order: 1886 has been one of the most anticipated, yet criticised releases of the current console generation.  Its stunning visuals and filmic style have many wondering if it’s simply a matter of style over substance. The early hands on previews at gaming conventions yielded the same divided opinion, some loved the small sli...[Read More]

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