Hold Up, Fortnite Seems To Have Been Removed from iOS App Store (Update: AND Google Play)

How will the last dozen people without it installed get a hold of it now?

10 Million Players Have Jumped Aboard Apex Legends In Just 72 Hours

We truly have a contender for the next big thing folks

Apex Legends Snags Over 2.5 Million Unique Players In Less Than 24 Hours

A force to be reckoned with, and it is only getting bigger by the hour

Titanfall Is Getting A F2P Battle Royale Spinoff Very Soon

And it could be launching sooner than you think

The Big Winners From The Fortnite Summer Smash

The unstoppable force that is x2Twins are now heading to Katowice for the NA/EU pros!

#Callinit – The Game Awards Winner Predictions

The ultimate cheat-sheet for The Game Awards 2018.

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