Broken Hopes And Dreams – Xürday Times #6 (Year 2, Week 4)

Hot off the presses, we return from our temporary hiatus.

Patience Is A Virtue – Xürday Times #5 (Week 52)

Mr. Tentacleface teaches us about patience and how it is a virtue

When ‘A’ And ‘B’ Fail, Where Do You Turn? – Xürday Times #4 (Week 51)

Xür returns to the Tower with some new plans for us to try

Would You Like Some Chunder To Go With Your Lord? – Xürday Times #3 (Week 50)

Xür is back in The Tower for another weekend. Let's see what he has for us.

The Bones! The Bones! – Xür’s inventory and location (Week 48)

What surprises does he have in store for us this week?