The AMD Melbourne Dota 2 Pro Series Is Set To Explode

It is a great time to be a DOTA 2 fan in Australia right now.

The absolute legends over at Convictus Esports Group have announced that AMD will be the official event partner for the upcoming Pro series. Along with AMD,  the series and Convictus have received heaps of support from other friends and brands in the ANZ scene. Redbull, AKRacing and, are all examples of brands you will except to see at the inaugural event.

Event partners and sponsors such as AMD and MSY will also create audience engaging booths for product and gaming experiences. These may include onsite virtual reality experiences, go-kart sim racing and many more.

As for talents and personalities, you can expect world class and local talent to charge up the audience with an engaging two days led by stage hosts Siractionslacks and Michelle Mannering. Heeded by talented casters that also include a cast led by Beyond the Summit: GoDz, Basskip, r1sk and mikelephoneix.

The show will be a fusion of BeyondtheSummit’s Dota production specialties and electrifying experience Evolution Events have crafted after so many years of leading music events.

Throughout late August and September, we saw the online qualifiers for each respective region; South East Asia, China and Oceania. Following the conclusion of our intense and exciting online qualifiers, the best two teams from each region rose above all to join us at the finals in the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre. Having also settled the invitational teams from the BEST professional teams in the Dota 2 scene, you can expect an official announcement of the teams during the main event in December 2018.

Invitational Teams:

  • OG
  • Mineski

SEA Region Qualified Teams:

  • PG.BarracX
  • Alpha Red

Oceania Region Qualified Teams:

  • Natural 9
  • AGN.Black

China Region Qualified Teams:

  • Newbee.MGB
  • Deathbringer

These 8 outstanding teams will all fight for their share of our $50,000 prize pool.

You don’t miss out on the electrifying atmosphere and embrace the biggest Dota 2 Tournament in Australia so far

Spectators can purchase tickets through the Convictus website or Eventbrite. Stay tuned with Convictus via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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