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The Day Before Looks Like An MMO Fusion Of The Last Of Us And The Division

Joel is heading into the Dark Zone

There’s something exciting about a relatively unknown developer announcing a fantastic looking game out of know where. I’ll admit that this kind of reveal can be met with some apprehension, as there’s a good chance that the game will be vastly different once it finally makes it to release, but let’s look at things in a positive light for a moment.

Appearing out of thin air, an announcement trailer for a game titled The Day Before has surfaced and it’s no exaggeration to say that it looks and sounds pretty damn great. Currently being developed for PC by FNTASTIC, The Day Before is an open-world survival MMO that takes place in a post-pandemic USA that has been left in ruins and plagued by zombie-like infected. It’s clear that the game still has a ways to go before we see a release date, but what is shown in the trailer is impressive.

Taking the cringe-worthy Ubisoft approach to gameplay trailers, this one has two players chatting to each other ‘naturally’ as they search for petrol in the middle of a city after running their car dry. The first I should express is how visually striking everything is; from the reflections in puddles to broken down cars the graphics and effects are shmick.

Third-person perspective, city landscape, loot-based system, it’s easy to see The Division‘s influence once the players enter combat against enemy survivors, but The Last of Us DNA can be seen when crafting medical supplies on the fly while engaging with the infected only when necessary and running from combat otherwise. This mix of MMO shooter and survival horror is something that I could really get behind and if the balance between the two is met then The Day Before could end up being something special.

There are few other details surrounding The Day Before other than a Steam page, so we will have to keep a close eye on it going forward. Take a look at the trailer for yourself:

Does The Day Before catch your eye? What other influences are you feeling from this trailer? Let us know.

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