‘The Good Life’ Returns, Hits Kickstarter

‘The Good Life’ Returns, Hits Kickstarter

Deadly Premonition is the video game equivalent to The Room; Absolutely awful in an…everything sense, but there’s absolutely nothing like it. This is mostly down to how avant-garde director Hidetaka Suehiro is. His history involves ‘unique’ games like Tomba! 2 and Extermination. Suehiro-san (better known as Swery65) had flown under the radar since his health-related break from game development in 2015. Early in 2017, he announced his return with his new studio White Owls promising “weird stuff”. Later in the year, we got it. Sort of. Later in the year, at PAX West, Swery unveiled his first new project under White Owls – The Good Life.

In an attempt to crowdfund the game, he placed it on Fig. Unfortunately, The Good Life didn’t quite reach its goal which Swery blamed on a lack of focus on what the game actually was. Nevertheless, it seems that Swery hasn’t given up! Announcing The Good Life‘s return on his Twitter, the game now has a Kickstarter page.

The Good Life is (get this) a “life simulator”! You play as Naomi, an American photographer/journalist who sets off to Rainy Woods [which was the original name of Deadly Premonition!], England to pay off her debt by doing what she does best: Photography. Rainy Woods may be the “happiest town in the world”, but isn’t all that it seems; a murder has taken place! Also the townspeople (including yourself) turn into cats and dogs for one night every month.It’s up to you to settle your debt through photography, solve a murder, and meow/bark a lot. This is what we in the business (and the Kickstarter page) call “SWERISM”.

The campaign ends on the 5th of May, and is seeking 68 mllion Yen (or 883m Aussie dollarydoos). You can check it out by clicking the link previously mentioned, or here.

Fun fact! The Good Life and its English setting may be a reference to a British sitcom of the same name that’s known for being too “bloody nice”.

News sourced from Gamespot.

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