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The Last Of Us Part II Just Got A Free PS5 Upgrade That Targets 60fps

Free and available now

Though divisive, it’s undeniable that The Last of Us Part II is a technical masterpiece (we gave it a 9.5). From visuals and animation to score and sound design, Naughty Dog’s dark and confronting sequel is a sight to behold. Now, thanks to a free PS5 upgrade, the already beautiful game will run even smoother.

Announced over on the PlayStation Blog, The Last of Us Part II’s 1.08 performance patch includes a PS5 upgrade that allows players to choose between a framerate target of 30fps of 60fps. The best part is that you won’t have to wait for the patch at all, as it’s live and available to download right now. The trailer below gives you a sneak peek at how the game will run using this fresh new option:

Are you a fan of The Last of Us Part II? Will you jump back in now that it runs at 60fps? Let us know.

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