The Sinking City Possibly Delayed; Now Scheduled For May?

The Sinking City Possibly Delayed; Now Scheduled For May?

The upcoming open-world Lovecraft-inspired mystery game The Sinking City appears to have had its initial March 21 release date pushed back to May 31 if an Amazon listing to be believed.

Ukrainian developer Frogwares announced the March 21 date shortly after E3 2018, however the date has been removed from both the game’s Steam and Press Kit page with a blanket 2019 date listed instead. Both JB Hi-Fi and EB Games still list the game’s release as March 21

There’s been no official word from either Frogwares or Bigben Interactive (publisher), but given the game was due to hit shelves in three weeks, the lack of promotion surrounding the game’s launch would suggest that it’s likely the release has been pushed back.

The cause of the delay (if true) is unknown at this stage, but will give Frogwares additional time to polish and refine the hotly-anticipated Lovecraftian adventure.

While we wait for confirmation from either Frogwares or Bigben, check out the game’s Death May Die trailer, one of the best trailers of 2018.

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