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The WellPlayed DLC Podcast Episode 034 Is Out Now

Get excited

A new week, a new episode.

Join Zach, Kieron, Jordan and Adam as they discuss an array of exciting topics, such as:

  • Adam’s vacuum update
  • Zombie Army 4: Dead War review
  • Games that would have benefited from a delay
  • Games that we would love to see come to Kickstarter
  • News, news and news

As usual, you can find Episode 034 on Spotify (above), iTunes, and podcast services Google, Podbean and Stitcher (search WellPlayed DLC).

We hope you enjoy it and thank you for listening.

Written By

Co-Founder & Managing Editor of WellPlayed. Sometimes a musician, lover of bad video games, Nickelback and Huawei. Living proof that Australian's drink Foster's. Carlton, Burnley FC & SJ Sharks fan Get around him on Twitter @tightinthejorts


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