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This Death Stranding Jacket Is Awesome, You Just Need A Small Loan To Afford It

My birthday is coming up, just so you know

Let me address this straight out of the gate, I love Death Stranding (I gave it an 8). Bizarre, beautiful, soothing, stressful and thoughtful all at once, Kojima’s first release post-Konami isn’t for everyone, though I do suggest that play it for yourself even if you’re only slightly interested.

Missing out on both the ludicrous collector’s edition and the gorgeous art book, I told myself to leap at any cool merch immediately from this point forward to avoid another disappointment. I now regret making that promise to myself.

Kojima Productions recently partnered with edgy clothing brand ACRONYM to produce the J1A-GTKP, a brilliantly badarse jacket inspired by Death Stranding.

This thing has it all: Gore-Tex fabric, BRIDGES branding and colour scheme, a storm hood, enough pockets to mimic Sam Porter’s carrying skills and, most importantly of all, a BB-coloured front pocket on the chest, right where the pod sits in-game.

So if the jacket is that cool (which it 100% is) then what’s the problem? The problem is that ACRONYM almost immediately sold out of all sizes when the jacket became available, with another batch selling out on Kojima Production’s site as well, oh and it costs ¥192,500 which equates to AU$2,800!

Don’t get me wrong, I would wear this gorgeous garment in a heartbeat, but taking out a loan larger than the one I used to pay for my car just to buy it might be a deal-breaker. I guess I’ll just have to settle for the two pins I got from PAX last year.

Do you like the design? Do you know anyone crazy enough to buy one? Let us know.

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