Is it time to meet the newest Overwatch Character?

Is it time to meet the newest Overwatch Character?

Throughout the duration of the Halloween event in the Overwatch universe, Blizzard has amped up the Sombra ARG to boiling point – after a flurry of events it appears that the long wait might be over.

Over at the Overwatch Merchandise store, an image appeared (long since removed) that appears to depict the hacker-to-be in her most natural environment – causing electronic mayhem in the hands of what appears to a colossal mechanoid:


Illustrated by Blizzard associated artist John Polidora (a character designer employed at Blizzard Entertainment for 10+ years, who is currently working on Overwatch) all the pieces of the puzzle seem to fit together quite snugly – Given the timing, and the numerous hints mentioning November 1st, we may finally be ready to meet the newest addition to the Overwatch cast. More on this story as it (hopefully!) develops.

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