Welcome To The World Of Lost Sphear

Welcome To The World Of Lost Sphear

Set to release in Australia and New Zealand on the 23rd of January 2018, today Square Enix have given eager fans and in-depth look of upcoming PS4, Nintendo Switch and STEAM title, LOST SPHEAR.

Have a look at the Welcome to the World of  LOST SPHEAR gameplay trailer below:

Throughout the new trailer, fans are introduced into the game’s world and its battle system. On top of this, fans can also expect to meet the Vulcosuit, a mechanised suit of armour which is said to enhance the abilities and strengths of Kanata and his companions.

In addition to this, the Vulcosuit will be able to allow its pilot to use the Paradigm Drive – a unique feature that allows the wearer to exert a powerful force in order to overcome their foes.

Created by the studio behind I AM SETSUNA, Lost Sphear is set to introduce a grand adventure in a new world that is threatened by an ominous power. Inspired by classic JRPG’s, players can expect to join Kanata and his friends as they take a journey to restore their threatened world.

For those interested in picking up the title, it will be available digitally from the PlayStation Store, Nintendo eShop (on the Nintendo Switch), and STEAM.

For those pre-ordering the title on the PlayStation store, you can expect to receive a “Memoirs of the Moon” dynamic PS4 theme, alongside two music tracks.

For those pre-ordering the title on STEAM, you can expect to receive a custom LOST SPHEAR wallpaper, alongside two music tracks.

For more information on LOST SPHEAR, please visit its website.  

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