What’s Next For Telltale Games’ Projects and Its Former Developers?

What’s Next For Telltale Games’ Projects and Its Former Developers?

After yesterday’s news that Telltale would be closing its doors and cancelling all future projects, fans were left with countless questions surrounding the future of their beloved franchises, the games Telltale were publishing and of course, the fate of the talented developers who were suddenly let go.

Although the cancellation of fan favourites like The Wolf Among Us and Tales From The Borderlands is absolutely tragic, I’m personally grieving the most for The Walking Dead which is almost undoubtedly ending unfinished after the second episode in the final season drops later this week.  The Lead Episode Designer, Emily Grace Buck, responded to stunned players on Twitter and pretty much laid the issue to rest:

Telltale also published games from other developers, such as 7 Days to Die, and were set to bring the island survival/ crafting game Stranded Deep to consoles early next month too, which they crazily announced a day before the studio went under. While the future remains uncertain, Beam Team Games has let fans know that they’re seeking information from Telltale and are committed to doing everything they can to see a release on PlayStation and Xbox:

Perhaps the saddest part of this whole messy ordeal is that scores of talented game developers are now looking for work elsewhere. Thankfully though, it seems as though the community of gamers and companies are getting behind the devs and posting everything they can about employment opportunities:

So while we all still collectively mourn the loss of Telltale and the amazing games they’ve delivered over the years, it seems as though there is a glimmer of hope for all of the wonderful and talented people its closure has affected. Although we’re deeply saddened here at WellPlayed (and shocked at their apparent working conditions), we also can’t wait to see the kind of impact that the ex-Telltale team will bring to other studios.

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