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World of Warcraft: Shadowlands Unveils Its First Major Patch Content, Chains of Domination

BDSM not included, but maybe encouraged?

The next content update, Chains of Domination, has been announced at BlizzConline!

Furthering the dark story of the Jailer and his eternal desire for power, we will once again delve deeper into his tower of torment – TORGHAST.

Planting the narrative seeds, we have a new trailer to cover what Sylvanas was planning to do with Anduin – and uh oh, the good king is a little less …good:

With new mounts, the ability to fly and even a new ‘MEGA’ dungeon – this content looks poised to recapture the waning attention of anyone who is starting to grow bored of Shadowlands.

I personally am super keen for more cosmetic clothing; because I wish to be the prettiest hero in all of the afterlives.

The content update’s features are still in development and subject to change, so be sure to check back for periodic updates on

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