World of Warcraft’s Longest Battleground is Coming To Heroes of the Storm – And More!

World of Warcraft’s Longest Battleground is Coming To Heroes of the Storm – And More!

If you are a fan of classic World of Warcraft battlegrounds, strap in as Heroes of the Storm takes you back to the icey bloodbath that is Alterac Valley. Good news however, the experience wont go for 8+ hours like the battleground of old did.

Alterac Pass is a three-lane Battleground that brings a whole new dimension to destroying your enemies Nexus, because rather than being structures – they are living, breathing heroes of the Horde and Alliance. Coupled with new AI threats, such as Mountain Giants and Gnolls – the world of Azeroth has definitely landed safely within HotS.

There is also a thumb to be jammed into a hole in the roster – Hailing from the past, Yrel is set to add some much needed space goat to the Nexus! The games first Draenei hero, and a retribution paladin to boot, Yrel is a very interesting bruiser that comes with abilities that she can charge up to intensify both their damage AND their CC effects. Take a look at this powerhouse, aint she adorable?

There will also be a new event quest heralding the release, and it comes with all the trimming you’d expect – including a themed spray, banner, emoji, portrait and gold rewards. All you need to do, is pledge your allegiance to either the Horde or the Alliance and get down to business to show which faction is the best.

It’s amazing that after all this time the Nexus has been mostly bereft of Warcraft content, battleground wise – but Blizzard is smashing one hell of an Azerothian stimulus into the game. The incredible Horde Vs. Alliance skins alone have me excited in so many ways. A Spirit of Redemption skin for Auriel? Sign me up.

Expect this content to drop in the near future, in the meantime – check out our dedicated Yrel focus article to see exactly how she works, and take a look at the announcement video for Echoes of Alterac!

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