You Can Now Preorder The New HeroQuest At ZiNG Pop Culture

You Can Now Preorder The New HeroQuest At ZiNG Pop Culture

A few short weeks ago, I was both delighted and frustrated by the reveal of a hot new HeroQuest release, on the Hasbro Pulse website.

You see, this website promised all kinds of nostalgic delights for the discerning tabletop adventurer – but only if you resided within the United States / Canada.

But lo and behold fine adventurer! Stop thine gnashing of teeth and grinding of gears! Over yonder, our saviour – ZiNG Pop Culture.

All pageantry aside, you can now pre-order your very own copy of HeroQuest for the low, low price of $300 Australian dollarbucks.

Now that may seem like a lofty price, but the edition that is on sale is the ‘Mythic’ edition of the game – which is actually an all-inclusive version that comes with the first two expansion for the original HeroQuest title included, as well as additional bonuses. From a tabletop spending perspective, it’s actually quite reasonable. It also enjoys the bonus of not having a chonky US Shipping cost hanging off it like a costly dingleberry.

I am personally delighted, because sourcing things via alternate means when they are landlocked to the U-S of A can be a right pain in the ass …not to mention costly.

So now is the perfect time to pick up The Best Game Ever Made! Roll to move, adventurer!

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