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Nab Loot With Your Criminal Crew With The Outlaws Of Thunder Junction Heist Season

Heist season is upon us

Giddyup, yeehaw, and howdy. Calling all cardstock addicts of the Magic variety, it is almost high noon. As this week comes to a close, the dawn of the Outlaws Of Thunder Junction pre-release events is nearly upon us.

This Friday April 12 at your local games store, Wizards Of The Coast are propping up (non-licensed) gaming saloons with a bevy of swag in the hopes of recruiting ambitious reprobates to the lawless wilds of the new plane Thunder Junction. At participating stores, ANZ players can score some loot from the beginning of the pre-release season through to May 31 at eligible events. Loot ranges from exclusive merch like bandanas, posters, badges and enamel tokens depicting the sexy new lead Oko and his ragtag band of creatures.

As seasonal rewards continue past the pre-release events, players wanting to wrangle the rarer loot can participate in the following:

  • Outlaws of Thunder Junction Prerelease Events

  • Outlaws of Thunder Junction Limited Events (Draft & Sealed)

  • Friday Night Magic Events during OTJ Season

Pre-release attendees will not only be getting their hands on an early assortment of cards from the introduction to Magic’s Wild West setting, but attending future events for this release during April and May will also see these rewards unlock. Plus, pre-release also means decking out your Magic Arena catalogue with complimentary digital boosters.

Following the Outlaws of Thunder Junction pre-release on April 12, the full release will begin on April 19 with the standard array of Commander, bundles, and boosters. Did you miss the pre-release or prefer to keep your cards digital? You can rob a train with Outlaws arriving at Magic Arena on April 16.

Keen to wrap up the work week by donning a cowboy hat and shooting cards at strangers with the upcoming Outlaws pre-release? Let us know in the comments or on social media.

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Written By Nathan Hennessy


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