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Sakurai Presents Kazuya in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

A complex character and potential crushed dreams

As announced in Nintendo’s E3 Direct, tonight Sakurai is breaking down the latests DLC fighter addition to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate – Kazuya from Tekken. Here is a recap of the key details:

  • Kazuya was chosen over Heihachi due to Kazuya having the Devil Gene, which lends itself better to the kind of attacks in Smash Bros.
  • Kazuya has a crazy amount of moves that cover Smash attacks to combos.
  • When Kazuya’s accumulated damage equals 100% or you have less than 25% health left you will enter a Rage State, which gives you a 1.1 multiplier on your damage. A once per stock throw attack called Rage Drive is also available. Rage State will end after using Rage Drive even if you miss.
  • Kazuya has a special throw called the Gates of Hell that has a funky angled input combo.
  • By entering the Shoryuken input (right, down, angled right down) from Tekken you can do the Crouch Dash.
  • Mishima Dojo is the new stage coming with Kazuya. The walls and ceiling can be broken for K.O’s and Smash attacks. The walls and ceiling will repair themselves after a period of time. Heihachi appears in the background and will react to K.O’s.
  • Sakurai demos Kazuya with the characters seen in the reveal trailer. Sakurai actually loses and has to try again, his face is priceless, the first time we have ever seen him loose on a stream.
  • 39 songs are being added from across the Tekken series. There is no victory fanfare when you win instead the announcer reads out Kazuya’s name as it is done in Tekken.
  • Kirby gets Kazuya’s hair, different coloured eyes and can do the devil transformation.
  • New Mii Fighter Costumes: from Tales of Symphonia Lloyd (Swordfighter), Dovahkiin aka Dragonborn from Skyrim (Swordfighter), Dante (Swordfighter),  Shante (Brawler) + a music track from Half Genie Hero. If you predicted these for the final fighter, my condolences.
  • Kazuya will release on June 30.
  • We get to see the Min Min Amiibo and it will release in 2022.
  • There won’t be any more after Character Pack 11, we will hear more later this year.

Check out the presentation below for Kazuya’s massive move set:

What do you think the final fighter will be? Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is available exclusively on Nintendo Switch.

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