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WellPlayed Talkthrough Featuring Bears In Space Is Available Now

Bears, bullets, brilliant conversation

The latest episode of Talkthrough is available now, focusing on Bears in Space, the bullet-hell first-person shooter from the Ipswitch-based developer Broadside Games.

In this episode, Nathan, Adam and Ash are joined by Broadside Games Co-Owner, Gameplay Programmer and Animator Garth Edwards and Co-Owner, Gameplay Designer and Art Director John Eyre. While Ash blasts through bots and gets into all manner of trouble, the team discusses the art of hiding nostalgic references, bringing Bears in Space to console, the dev’s focus on keeping gameplay feeling fresh and loads more.

We had a great chat with Garth and John and look forward to Bears in Space releasing on PC on March 23.

WellPlayed Talkthrough is powered by SteelSeries. Nathan and Adam are using Acrtis Nova Pro headsets and Alias mics to bring you the best part playthrough, and part interview in gaming media. For more info on the SteelSeries Alias mics, click here.

Let us know what you think about this episode of Talkthrough in the comments or on social media.

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