2020 Isn’t All Bad News – HeroQuest Is Back!

2020 Isn’t All Bad News – HeroQuest Is Back!

At a time when everything seems to be falling apart, one lone website sought to change that. A few short days ago, the website https://heroquest.avalonhill.com appeared with some very obvious HeroQuest branding, and a countdown.

Denizens of the web remembered a time of yesteryear, when broadswords and zombies would clash across a lavish board festooned with tiny plastic and cardboard furniture. Surely this countdown was leading to perhaps the most disappointing, childhood-crushing event of 2020?

Turns out, this wasn’t another 2020 milestone of sadness – HeroQuest is BACK BABY, right down to it’s painstakingly recreated cover art:


In what I must consider the first-time I have personally seen a remaster of a board game, the new HeroQuest is being showcased on the HasLab page – Hasbro’s unique crowdfunding platform. Backing the project effectively pre-orders the item, allowing you to hurry up and wait for it’s full release.

The product also touts some great additional backer items – as well as an option to get a ‘Mythic’ edition that includes the original 2 expansion for the game.

But is it actually HeroQuest? In an interview with Polygon, brand manager Patrick O’Rourke had this to say:

“While the gameplay featured in the original 1989 version of HeroQuest will remain true, the game will be updated to deliver the high quality experience it deserves.”

So …Yes? I think? I mean, what has been revealed so far seems to indicate it is indeed the HeroQuest we all know – right down to the ‘bunny’ combat dice. In fact, the aesthetic is so exceptionally well crafted to match the oldschool version, it genuinely feels like a remaster. Yeah, it bears repeating – like, look at the card art:

So when does it come out? Well, the HasLab website states ‘We will stop taking backers at 11:59 PM EST on 11.06.2020’ as a deadline for giving away your money, with a 2021 release date listed. The real grumble factor has to come from the fact that the website does not offer shipping outside of the US. Meaning literally the rest of the world is left gnashing their teeth at this moment.

It is worth mentioning that projects on the Hasbro Pulse website have found themselves appearing at other, non-US specific vendors of fine nerdery – you can even preorder a number of items at your local EB Games – but at this time, nothing is listed. And I will be watching carefully for that option – as a father nowadays, I feel my daughter must experience HeroQuest in some way, and this may well be the best platform available to me.

Besides, HeroQuest is the best game ever made – and anyone who says otherwise is wrong. Don’t believe me? Let this fellow explain:

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