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Additional Archfiends Teased For Solium Infernum’s DLC

Hell may be getting a little more crowded

We’re just a week out now from seeing Australian team League of Geeks’ foray into hell with the reimagined strategy title Solium Infernum. In a recent Talkthrough interview with studio co-founder Trent Kusters and executive producer Morgan Little, the team are hopeful for a successful launch that will inevitably result in post-launch DLC. During the interview, the team was able to point towards new playable archfiends in the game’s future.

Responding to a question about what a potential post-launch roadmap might look like for Solium Infernum, Kusters points to the success of Armello‘s DLC heroes in how they may pick up this baton for the upcoming grand strategy title.

WellPlayed: Because the archfiends are a new component that you folks have added [to Solium Infernum], it looks like you have the opportunity to expand this in the future. Provided things pop off and Solium Infernum goes well, are you folks brainstorming what the future of the game might look like in terms of content and additions down the track, paid or otherwise? 

Trent Kusters: If Solium Infernum can sustain itself, absolutely. That was one thing that we learned from Armello, the archfiends are there because heroes worked in Armello… We know there is a desire from players to want more playable characters. We have plans for updates, we have plans for DLC. Morgan has a little squad working away already with plans for a DLC, new archfiends and stuff. Hopefully we can make it to the finish line on that one with some sales from the game. 

In reimagining the 2009 original for 2024 audiences, archfiends are an original new imprint of League of Geek’s vision for the game. Players will select their archfiends before embarking on a campaign of area control and political schemes against other players, with the archfiend representing specific playstyles. Beyond this, the archfiends also present an asymmetrical wrinkle for players, with them having unique traits as well as a head start in certain branches of the skill tree.

Archfiends are the bold, new demonic faces that players will have likely seen or perhaps even played during the multiplayer tests. With eight beautiful monstrosities available at launch, expanding this roster seems like an exciting no brainer for the strategy wizards at League of Geeks.

Solium Infernum releases for PC on February 22, 2024.

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Which archfiend are you going to adopt as your bestie on launch? Let us know in the comments on or social media

Written By Nathan Hennessy




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