All Of The Announcements From Iceberg Interactive’s Iceberg Ahead Livestream

All Of The Announcements From Iceberg Interactive’s Iceberg Ahead Livestream

Paris Games Week has come back around for another year of announcements, new trailers and first looks. There will no doubt be heaps of things to ogle over the next few days, but straight off the bat we have a sizable chunk of information from a publisher regarding their upcoming projects.

Dutch publisher Iceberg Interactive has taken a page out of Nintendo’s and more recently Sony’s playbook by presenting us with a livestream that includes new trailers, release date announcements and reveals for previously unannounced games. Clocking in at around 20 minutes, this video package contained a bunch of neat looking new stuff. So being the great team that we are, we thought it would be nice to give you a quick rundown of all of the announcements made during the Iceberg Ahead event.

Railroad Corporation – Nothing quite gets the blood pumping from the offset like a train sim. Currently in early access on Steam, Railroad Corporation looks to have a charming visual style and heaps of depth for those who enjoy simulators and resource management style games. A campaign, challenge modes and a sandbox are all promised, so train lovers will no doubt rejoice. During the trailer it also boasts that you will need to ‘watch cash flow and avoid bank debt’, so this is the most relatable game of 2019 so far. Railroad Corporation is set to exit early access on PC in November.

Still There – A huge change of pace, Still There is a narrative-driven puzzler set in space that looks eerie and possibly quite sad. You are a ‘space lighthouse keeper’ (which just sounds like an amazing career choice) that is tasked with investigating a distress signal with his AI companion. Billed as a psychological adventure, Still There definitely has my attention with its visuals and intriguing premise. This one will release on PC and Switch on November 20.

Pax Nova – Another one that is currently in early acess on Steam, Pax Nova is a turn-based 4X strategy game that will have you strategizing amongst the stars. Spanning multiple star systems with varied locales, in Pax Nova you will be colonizing, politicising and war waging your way through the galaxy however you see fit. Pax Nova will be exiting early access and launching fully on PC in 2020.

Transient – The cyberpunk genre is hotter than ever at the moment and Transient looks like it could find its own niche within it. A first-person horror title set in a futuristic dystopia, Transient blends in a good dose of cosmic horror that is inspired by the works of H. P. Lovecraft. With puzzling elements and a good helping of freaky looking set pieces, this is one to keep an eye on if you are a horror fan. Heading to PS4, Xbox One and PC late 2020.

Lunacy: Saint Rhodes –  Speaking of horror, we go from Lovecraftian cyberpunk to a more classic, rundown, sppoky house with Lunacy: Saint Rhodes. Another first-person horror title, Lunacy claims to have a plot that changes with every decision made by the player. With an advanced AI adapting gameplay depending on how the player acts, known as The Author, Lunacy has some real potential to be a pant-shitter, bring it on. Launching on PC in 2020.

Shortest Trip to Earth: Supporters Pack DLC – The game itself, Shortest Trip to Earth, is a spaceship simulator of sorts, that has you control you own ship, complete with crew and pets. Exploration, management and combat are the name of the game here and the Supporters Pack DLC adds in a new ship, The Battle Tiger, for you to man. This DLC pack is available now through Steam and GOG.

Headsnatchers – We have seen horror, simulators and story-based adventures, so lets take a break with something a little more lighthearted. Headsnatchers is a party game through and through, as you and up to three friends (local or online) attempt to…steal each others head and complete a variety of tasks with it. Well, that certainly is different. Looking similar to party favourites like Human Fall Flat and Gang Beasts, Headsnatchers looks like a good bit of fun if you were to have a few mates around. This one will be heading (get it?) to PC and Switch on November 7.

Gas Guzzlers Extreme – A fast-paced racing game with a bunch of different cars and a bunch of different tracks, nothing out of the ordinary here. Oh, the cars are mounted with a variety of weapons and the game offers up a huge number of game modes ranging from standard races to zombie survival to destruction derby. So I mean maybe it isn’t exactly by the books. Gas Guzzlers absolutely looks extreme in all facets and doesn’t appear to take itself seriously, so fun is likely to ensue. You will be able to burn rubber and likely a bunch of other things on PS4 in November.

The Sojourn – Changing gears once more (yes I have puns all over the place), we take a look at the recently released atmospheric puzzle game, The Sojourn. Beautiful visuals and challenging puzzles are a match made in heaven, so if you are a puzzle game fan like myself, it might be worth having a look at this one. If you are keen, you don’t have to wait at all as The Sojourn is available on PS4, Xbox One and PC now.

Antigraviator – If you are a fan of the Wipeout franchise please raise your hand. Lots of hands, good. Well in that case you will want to feast your eyes on Antigraviator, a break-neck speed racer that sits you in the cockpit of futuristic ships, blitzing around windy courses until you grow displeased with entering the real world to find you drive a Holden Astra. That example might be a little specific to me, but antigraviator will no doubt appeal to a great deal of you as it looks badass. Plus it’s a racing game with local split-screen and you don’t get that often these days so enjoy it. Jump on it if you want to, as it is available on PS4 now.

Circle Empires Rivals – Back to strategy now, but with a bit of a cutesy twist. Circle Empires Rivals is a multiplayer strategy game that will pit you against other players as you try and defend your little circular land, while simultaneously attempting to spread across into neighboring areas. With a harmless looking aesthetic, Circle Empires could be the pick up and play straegy game you didn’t know you were missing. Coming to PC in early 2020.

Blazing Sails – Pirates. Pirates in a battle royale. Yes, blazing sails is a new battle royale that will allow you to swash buckle to your hearts content. Upgrading both yourself and your ship, you and your crew will fight opposing pirates until only one crew remains. Fighting on both land and sea, Blazing Sails might be a little late to the battle royale fad, but it does look like it could be a pretty damn good time. Grab your parrots and reel in the anchor, as Blazing Sails is set to enter Steam early access in early 2020.

If you are keen on watching the full video for yourself, here it is:

And there we have it, the first Iceberg Ahead Livestream. A good selection of varied and different games to keep us all looking to the future with anticipation. My personal favourite was Headsnatchers, as I am a sucker when it comes to dumb, fun party  games that I can play with my friends. What did you think of the video package? What were your standouts? Let us know.

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