An Xbox Series X Prototype Has Surfaced

2020 is the year of next-gen consoles. People are keeping a close eye on what both Microsoft and Sony are doing as they prepare to launch the next generation of consoles. Both companies have made headlines with their open approach to discussing a variety of the technologies being used to create these new consoles, including SSDs and AMD’s Navi GPUs. It seems that Twitter user Doug_DragoX has gotten their hands on a prototype for the upcoming Xbox Series X.

Previously, at CES, people thought they had gotten a look at the available ports on the console when AMD showed off the unit in a promotional video which later turned out to be a 3D render and not official Microsoft material. With these photos, we can take a proper look at the connectivity of the Xbox Series X. It appears to include:

  • x3 USB 3.0 compatible USB slots (two on the back, one on the front)
  • x1 ethernet port
  • x1 HDMI port
  • Figure 8 power adapter port
  • x1 S/PDIF port (optical audio)

It also appears that someone went through the effort of redeeming the serial number on Microsoft’s website to test its legitimacy, and it went through.

Eyes will still be on Microsoft to see what they bring to the table at E3 2020 regarding their next-gen console, especially given the news that Sony would be skipping E3, once again.

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