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Announcing The WellPlayed DLC Podcast – Episode 001 Available Now

Prepare your ears

You asked and we listened!

Okay, a few of you asked – but we still listened!

After a multi-year hiatus, we’re finally back behind the microphone(s) with our new podcast The WellPlayed DLC.

This downloadable content (podcast) will be a fortnightly-cum-weekly discussion around all the hottest topics in gaming, as well as in-depth discussions about recent reviews and other game-related topics. I know, exciting right, another gaming podcast for you to listen to on your commute to or from work, while you work out in the gym, take the dog for a walk or give your grandma a foot rub like the good grandchild you are.

Each episode will go live (hopefully) at 9 am on Fridays. It’ll be available on all the good stuff: Spotify, iTunes, PodbeanStitcher and YouTube at this stage. If there’s a platform you would like us to release it on, let us know and we’ll try and make your dreams come true.

Naturally with anything new there will be teething issues likely occur. Bear with us as we work to refine the podcast to maximum perfection. It’ll be worth your time we promise.

If you have any feedback you wish to submit you can email with the subject Cancel The Podcast Immediately Podcast Feedback or you can leave a comment on Facebook. Any feedback that helps improve the listening experience we want to know.

For future episodes we will be asking the community for contributions to topic discussions (answers read aloud etc.). To be a part of the discussion please join our Facebook Community Group.

And now, the most exciting piece of news: Episode 001 is available now!

Titled Magic Randy vs The Internet, join WellPlayed’s Kieron, Jordan, Ash and Zach as they discuss the following topics:

  • Days Gone initial thoughts
  • Mortal Kombat 11 review and microtransaction fiasco
  • Poor working conditions at Netherealm Studios, and the industry in general
  • Borderlands 3 discussion (courtesy of Kieron’s trip to LA for the game’s hands-on session for Press Start. Read his preview here)
  • Randy Pitchford being Randy Pitchford and fighting the Internet
  • How Hollywood butchered Sonic The Hedgehog
  • Brief Battles review
  • AFL Evolution 2 and how UNREAL it is going to be
  • Jordan waffling about hardware or something

Oh, and that sexy intro music was crafted by WellPlayed’s very own Zach Jackson in none other than Music 2000.

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