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Apex Legends Has Reached The 100 Million Player Mark And Tease An Announcement

Enough players to fill King’s Canyon

Currently deep in its eighth season, Apex Legends has continuously been adding in new content and keeping things fresh, leading to more and more success. With 16 playable characters currently on the roster, three revolving maps, a bunch of limited-time modes coming and going and events that offer up free goodies, there’s always something new for old players and new players alike.

All of this is clearly working, as Apex Legends has now surpassed the 100 million player mark. A short clip shared on the Apex Twitter account celebrates the occasion by showing off a wave of players before sneaking in some gameplay snippets that may or may not contain tasty teases. There’s a blink and you’ll miss it moment where you can see an unfamiliar looking legend flying through the sky while Mirage characteristically quips about getting the party started.

The short video ends with the words We are just getting started, followed by the date of April 19. This could mean that we’re getting new info on Season 9 next week, or maybe it’ll end up being something completely new, we’ll have to wait and see.

Are you one of the 100 million players? What do you think Respawn will show us on April 19? Let us know.

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