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August’s PlayStation Plus Games Have Been Revealed And It’s A Banger Of A Line-up

What a winner of a month

As we approach the end of the month, we get to look forward to a new set of free games to download via PlayStation Plus. July has seen us shooting hoops in NBA 2K20, raiding tombs in Rise of the Tomb Raider and finding our father’s killer in Erica (that brings down the mood).

Announced on the PlayStation Blog, we now know that we should be clearing space on our hard drives for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Campaign Remastered and, excitingly, Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout. Best get prepared now, as Modern Warfare 2 will available later today, with Fall Guys being added when it launches on August 4.

Pulling a Rocket League, Fall Guys will be added to the PS Plus line-up on the same day as it launches. This is great for players, as Fall Guys is a colourful, goofy, Takeshi’s Castle-like battle royale that has 60 people battle it out in bizarre challenges until only one is left. All of here at WellPlayed are keen to get our hands on Fall Guys, so this inclusion is a welcome one.

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This one needs little introduction. Call of Duty is a monster of a franchise and has been for years now, but arguably the games were at their best during the Modern Warefare era. If you’re nostalgic for the sequel or have somehow never played it, you’ll have a chance to play a remastered, and very good looking version, very soon. Just keep in mind that it’s only the campaign portion of the game.

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If you haven’t downloaded this month’s games yet, never fear, as you’ve got until August 3 to do so before they disappear.

Did you play July’s PS Plus games? Which of the two games from August’s line-up are you most excited for? Let us know.

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