Edward Darling

If they had waterproof controllers in the 80s, Edward would probably have been gaming in the womb. He'll play anything with a pixel and would rather make console love, not console wars. PSN / XBL: CptLovebone


Get Around It

Octopath Traveler Review

Don’t be fooled, this isn’t a game about a wandering cephalopod


Bloody Ripper

Shape Of The World Review

If only our world was shaped like this one



Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection Review

30 years old and still fighting on the streets? That’s dedication


Get Around It

Conan Exiles Review

Enter the bloodthirsty world of Conan the Barbarian. Loincloth optional

Where Do We Want The Far Cry Series To Go Next?

We're out here asking the important questions


Get Around It

Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze Review

Who knew that the Kong family could be so a-peel-ing


Bloody Ripper

A Way Out Review

Ride together. Die together. Play Darts together. Bad Boys for life!


Glass Half Full

World of Warriors Review

Not to be confused with my upcoming autobiography, World of Worriers



The American Dream Review

This is my rifle, This is my gun, This is for fighting, This is for fun


Has A Crack

Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet Review

Despite having sword and bullet in the title, there are no gunblades in this game

Should RPGs Be More ‘Realistic’?

Is this real life? Is this just fantasy?