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BadLand Games To Donate 75% Of Axiom Verge Profits To Developer’s Son

They may be called BadLand, but these guys have hearts of gold

In a blog post on the official Axiom Verge website, developer Tom Happ revealed to his audience the game’s official retail release on the Nintendo Switch, and also shared news that BadLand Games would be donating 75% of their share in the game to a special fund dedicated to the ongoing health care costs of Happs son.

“I’ve tried to be pretty open about my son Alastair’s health situation. In short, he was born healthy, but the doctors failed to treat a routine case of jaundice during a critical period when he was just days old. The result was a life-long condition called Kernicterus that is characterized by severe neurological damage which robbed Alastair of much of his motor control and hearing. The reason I mention this is that after we decided to move forward with BadLand Games as the publisher, they offered to donate 75% of their share to a special fund dedicated to Alastair’s ongoing health care costs.” – Tom Happ

For those unfamiliar with Axiom Verge, it is a Metroidvania title in which the player controls Trace, a scientist who, after suffering a crippling injury, wakes up in an ancient and high-tech world.

The title saw an initial release in March/April 2015 for PlayStation 4, and a May 2015 release for Microsoft Windows, OS X, and Linux platforms. Since then, the game has been made available on the PlayStation Vita, Wii U and Xbox One.

So, if side-scrolling action-adventure games pique your interest, I suggest you give this one a shot, you might just find a new favourite.

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Tegan began gaming with her father when they would play Street Fighter together on her Nan’s PlayStation. Since then she has fallen in love with indie games, AAA games (I’m looking at you Tekken) and everything in between. Starting off as a console player, and more specifically an Xbox player, Tegan has now recently begun her new gaming ventures on PC. You can find her playing dating sims on Steam @carrotphernelia if you so wish.


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