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Bang & Olufsen Reveal Sexy But Spenno Wireless Xbox Headphones

A lot of Bang for a lot of bucks

Last year it was announced that Danish high-end audio company Bang & Olufsen were collaborating with Microsoft on a high-quality gaming audio device. Today the two companies have revealed the Bang & Olufsen Beoplay Portal Wireless Headphones, a sexy looking piece of audio engineering that will no doubt sound as good as it looks, which it would want to for the asking price. The Beoplay Portals will be compatible with Xbox Series X&S, Xbox One, PC and mobile devices.

If you know anything about audio equipment you’ll know that Bang & Olufsen products don’t come cheap, and while no Australian pricing has been revealed yet, the B&O Beoplay Portals will cost an eye-watering €499, which equates to A$768 – more than the Xbox Series X. They are listed on the Australian Xbox website, so it seems it’s only a matter of time before we can pre-order them. If I was a betting man, I’d say we’ll be looking at around A$749 for a set.

Featuring comfortable lambskin earcups with touch controls, the Beoplay Portal headphones will offer Active Noise Cancelling and Dolby Atmos for a truly immersive audio experience, as well as the ability to tailor the headphones’ settings and mode to suit your needs via the Bang & Olufsen mobile app. There’s also no traditional mic either, with the headphones relying on a virtual boom that will cancel out background noise. The headphones will connect via either Xbox Wireless, Bluetooth 5.1, the Xbox Wireless Adapter for PC or USB-C, and will offer up to 12 hours of battery life with Xbox Wireless, Bluetooth and Active Noise Cancelling and up to 24 hours of battery life with just Bluetooth and Active Noise Cancelling. The unit will charge via USB-C and will take approximately three hours to charge.

The headphones will come in three different flavours: Black Anthracite, Grey Mist, and Navy Brass, with Black Anthracite available now in some regions, while Grey Mist and Navy Brass launching around May.

As a big audiophile, I’m excited to see how Bang & Olufsen’s foray into gaming audio plays out, especially as gaming audio is already a crowded market and the Beoplay Portals have a price point that will certainly eliminate most people. However, Bang & Olufsen’s reputation is one of quality, so in a lot of ways you get what you pay for. Hopefully we’ll get the opportunity to test out these bad boys to see if Bang & Olufsen has enough here to convince you to part with a small fortune.

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