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Bethesda & The Cat Adoption Foundation Join Forces For Khajiit Everywhere


Riding on the high of the excellent expansion Elsweyr for the Elder Scrolls Online, Bethesda ANZ have teamed up with the wonderful Cat Adoption Foundation and Little Legs Dog & Cat Rescue to help bring some little real world khajiit into the homes of loving Australians around the country.

Over the next eight weeks, the teams will be presenting an Alfiq in need of a good home using the hashtag #AlfiqOfTheWeek.

For those not deep into Elder Scrolls lore, the Alfiq are a breed very similar to real world house cats and feature quite heavily in the brand new ESO expansion.

The initiative itself is fantastic, and a great way for players to jump in and help animals in need. The very first little one in the initiative looking for a new home is Precious, from Adelaide S.A.

You can stay updated on the initiative over the next couple of months with the Elder Scrolls Online and Bethesda ANZ on Twitter and Facebook.

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