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Bloodborne PSX Takes Hunters Back To Yharnam, 1995

Born of the blood, demade by the blood.

Welcome home, good hunter. FromSoftware’s 2015 gothic horror Souls spinoff Bloodborne has lurched to life on PC, just not in the way fans expected. Indie game developer Lilith Walter has spent the past 13 months developing a faithful recreation of Bloodborne’s opening section. Only this time it’s in the style of classic PS1 games, affectionally dubbed Bloodborne PSX.

The “demake” has lovingly brought the city of Yharnam to life once more. Only this time it brings with it all the charm and jank of classic horror titles of old. Think CRT aesthetics and compression resulting in heightened creepiness and that uniquely warm yet disquieting nostalgic glow.

Bloodborne PSX currently features ten weapons and an impressive adaptation of the original’s tightly balanced combat mechanics. Unsurprisingly, the game has been somewhat of a Twitter darling over the course of its development – Walter’s updates drawing praise for how carefully she was pairing Bloodborne’s tone with her own vision. At the time of posting the game features controller support with glorious old school D-pad controls.

Bloodborne PSX is available to download for free from Walter’s page.

Are you planning on returning to Yharnam, dear hunter? Let us know in the comments or on social media.

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