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CD Projekt Red Explains Cyberpunk 2077’s Launch Issues; Next-Gen Update Delayed

The saga continues

I’m not going to do my typical contextual lead-in for this one as you’re likely all aware of Cyberpunk 2077’s many launch issues that are still on-going, so I’ll go straight to the meat and potatoes. CD Projekt Red has released a 5-minute video across their social media accounts featuring Marcin Iwinski, co-founder of CDPR, explaining the reasons behind Cyberpunk’s troubled release. Iwinski takes all blame away from the development team and states that the final decision to release the game in the state that it was in came down to himself and his fellow board members. He also mentions that the full breadth of the game’s problems weren’t apparent during in-house testing and that COVID restrictions played a part thanks to fractured communication.

Iwinski also covers the review process and the reasoning behind PC codes being distributed before console keys, saying that updates that were being made were significantly improving the game on consoles and that the studio believed that by December 8 (the day that console keys were being distributed) that it would be in a decent state. Again, COVID restrictions are mentioned to be a hurdle that ultimately caused such a late distribution.

Lastly, a roadmap for updates, DLC and improvements was given. First off, patch 1.1 will be landing in a number of days, bringing with it a list of improvements and fixes, with patch 1.2 coming within the following few weeks. Patch 1.2 is said to be a major update that will significantly improve the product. Throughout 2021 the game will continue to receive patches to fix known issues and smooth out the experience, as well as a number of planned, free DLCs that seem to be scheduled for roughly the middle of the year.

As for the upgrades for PS5 and Xbox Series X/S that were promised for early 2021, they have now been pushed back until the second half of the year, possibly Q4 if the visual roadmap is to be followed. The next-gen upgrade is still going to be free, but this delay is a rough, yet understandable one.

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Additionally, CDPR posted an FAQ on their website that elaborates slightly on some of the key points touched on during the video, but little more is given. You can access the full FAQ HERE.

What are your thoughts on this update/apology? Have you played Cyberpunk 2077? Let us know.

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