Celebrate StarCraft II’s 8th Anniversary

Celebrate StarCraft II’s 8th Anniversary

Let the celebrations begin for the StarCraft II 8th Anniversary!

Beginning 24 July and running through 31 July AEST, players who play one game will receive a sweet cake portrait. On top of that, as a thank you to the StarCraft II community for their passion, Blizzy are also activating a 100% bonus to the base experience gained in Co-op Commanders and for levelling up individual races in Versus.

For more information on the StarCraft II 8th Anniversary celebrations, check out the blog.

That’s not the only StarCraft news to drop like a supply depo this week! The StarCraft: Remastered Patch 1.22.0 is now live which brings with it a robust new refresh to the ranking system. For a look at all of the exciting changes hitting StarCraft: Remastered, head over to the blog for all the details.

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