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COD Advanced Warfare: Shotguns and Scorestreak Shenanigans

Kieran aka Shadow0fTheDog shows you how to take it to the opposition in these DYEGB How To Vids

Altar Boy With a Shotgun

Resident Irish Catholic Kieran Stockton, aka Shadow0fTheDog, takes you through his favourite heathen-cleansing device in COD: Advanced warfare: The Tac-19 pump-action shotgun.


As the yearly releases of COD roll out it seems one trend has emerged and that is a general nerfing of scorestreaks/killstreaks. With each iteration they become harder to get and become less powerful. The video below shows you a good loadout for hitting the high level scorestreaks that do the most damage consistently by making the lower scorestreaks work for you.


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Kieran is a consummate troll and outspoken detractor of the Uncharted series. He once fought a bear in the Alaskan wilderness while on a spirit quest and has a PhD in organic synthetic chemistry XBL: Shadow0fTheDog PSN: H8_Kill_Destroy


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