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Concrete Genie’s Trophy List Is Fun And Comes With An Easy Platinum

Not as hard as the title implies

You only need to glance at my review to know that Concrete Genie is a wonderful game, but did you know it also has a fun, approachable trophy list with an easy and unmissable platinum? Well, it does!

Totally 53 trophies in the main game including 45 bronze, eight silver, two gold and that beautiful platinum, Concrete Genie’s list is one that almost completes itself. The usual, unavoidable story-based trophies are all here, alongside a handful for exploring Denska and finding all of its secrets. There are also a bunch of trophies for having various interactions with the game’s Genies, and for painting certain designs a required number of times. By the time I finished the main game, I’d popped all but one of the collection trophies, plus a couple that can only be done in the post-game free roam. Everything else comes naturally, provided you don’t steamroll your way through the game without paying any attention. Luckily, even if you do that I can’t see anything on this list that wouldn’t be obtainable by simply continuing to play after the credits roll.

All in all, this list should take you no more than six or seven hours, depending on how good you are at finding secrets. There are also three VR-related trophies, which thankfully don’t count towards the platinum, so don’t stress if you’re without PlayStation VR. Though if you do have one, definitely check out the VR mode it’s awesome.

We’ve gone ahead and listed all of Concrete Genie’s trophies below, along with their respective logos. Click on each one to see its description, but be warned that they may contain major spoilers!

53 Trophies

Known as “the street artist who brought Denska back to life”.

Finish your first painting in the Lighthouse.

Turn on the Lighthouse beacon.

Finish the Masterpiece at the Fishing Port.

Finish the Masterpiece at the Hydroelectric Plant.

Finish the Masterpiece in the Waterways.

Defeat all the Minions in the Lighthouse.

Save Zack and the Dark Fire Genie at the Fishing Port.

Save Chuck, Janie and the Dark Electric Genies at the Hydroelectric Plant.

Save Beatrice and the Dark Wind Genies in the Waterways.

Save the Dark Alpha Genie in the Cave.

Break the cycle of bullying and make new friends

Collect your first flying Landscape page.

Collect 5 flying Genie Body or Feature pages.

Collect all the Landscape pages in a level.

Collect all the Genie Body and Feature pages in a level.

Collect all the Landscape pages.

Collect all the pages in the Sketchbook.

Bring your first biped Genie to life.

Bring your first quadruped Genie to life.

Attach Ears to a Genie.

Attach more than 5 different Features to a Genie.

Wave to your Genie more than 3 times.

High-five your Genie after scoring a basket.

Hear your Genie sing.

Play Peekaboo with your Genie and get Peekabooed.

Watch a Genie throw an Apple to another Genie.

Sit by the Campfire with your Genie.

Watch your Genie run away with a Kite or a Pinwheel.

Scare or delight your Genie with a Lightning strike.

Watch your Genie hide under an Umbrella Plant.

Watch your Genie talk into a Storm Lily.

Watch your Genie get scared by a Venus Fly Trap.

Watch your Genie fly up with a Balloon.

Watch your Genie run around after eating a Storm Vine Fruit or a Mushroom Vine Fruit.

Watch your Genie sit on top of an Iceberg.

Watch your Genie try to eat snowflakes.

Paint for 3 minutes without leaving paint mode.

Paint a total of 20 streams of Stars.

Paint more than 10 Campfires in a row.

Paint a Double Rainbow.

Paint more than 10 Moons in a row.

Paint a total of 30 Mushroom Vines.

Paint a total of 20 Blackbirches.

Paint in all the Free Paint levels.

Use the replay feature in the Photo Mode.

Continue painting after the game is finished.

Read all the newspapers.

Find and finish your first Billboard.

Find and finish all the Billboards.

Complete your first Genie Moments sketch.

Complete all the Genie Moments sketches.

Find Luna’s secret under the Lighthouse.

3 Trophies

Wave at Splotch.

Paint Wind on 6 or more Pipe Organ Plants in one stroke.

Paint Crystals in The Crystal Meadow.

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