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Big Rudi’s Confirmed, Likely and Hopeful E3 Picks

New writer Big Rudi Drendel jumps on the E3 bandwagon

In case you’re wondering what to get excited about this E3, I’ve selected some choice titles that are either confirmed or likely to be at E3. Stay to the end for a few titles that I’m dubiously hopeful for…


Battlefield 1

While only recently announced, I am most definitely keeping my good eye on this one. It could be the return to form we’ve wanted from DICE since as far back as the Battlefield 4 launch, bringing a much called-for shift to WWI and introducing more grit and freedom. Shooter fans everywhere seem to be praising DICE’s creative decisions, and I for one am keen to see what they bring to E3, which could include announcing a date for the inevitable beta.

Attack on Titan: Wings of Freedom

Being well acquainted with the anime and having seen a few gameplay snippets I’m fairly keen on this one, and if you haven’t seen it yet I suggest you check it out. All I hope for is it does better than its 3DS precursor, which didn’t exactly bring the exhilaration and drama of the anime to gamers. From what I’ve seen it looks like it captures the setting well and only time will tell if the gameplay matches the epic scale of one of my favourite anime. Hope to see more information about game modes and what we can expect from this game as a whole. Definitely on my radar.

Destiny: Rise of Iron

While I do love Destiny, another paid expansion feels like they could be trying to make another grasp for your wallet before the sequel does it all over again next year. Depending on how much is introduced (which at the moment seems sufficient at best), fans could end up feeling betrayed after being gifted an update earlier in April, which offered arguably smaller improvements but was free of charge. Depending how they market this too Bungie could run into similar problems as they faced with Year 1 adopters over the announcement of the Taken King expansion. It’s something I’ll definitely buy, I’m just starting to feel like I’ve bought the game so many times already that I wonder if this will introduce enough bang for my buck.

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided

Almost forgot this was coming out considering it was announced so long ago, however with the release pushed back from February to August, it looks like Square Enix are taking this entry quite seriously by giving themselves lot of time to add polish and provide a proper sequel. Looking to pick up where the previous game left off, this is one game I’m very keen for as I was a massive fan of Human Revolution and this looks to take the formula and elevate it to the next level. Should be getting more gameplay insights at E3 while also having a playable build on the shop floor, keep your eye on this one folks.


The inevitable 2016/17 iteration of the popular football franchise is back but we’re yet to see gameplay of it. A snippet of player likeness has been shown in the reveal trailer and they’ve done away with Messi as the cover star, opting for 4 ambassadors this time in Hazard, Reus, Martial and Rodriguez. We know the game uses the Frostbite engine, and it looks like they might be aiming to provide us with more realistic, diverse players as emphasised with the multiple cover stars. We’re due for more info at E3, as well as a playable build. I’m always interested in the new FIFA, but they’ll have to mix up the formula and add some single player depth this time if I’m going to be excited for this one.

Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age

When I saw this trailer floating around a few days ago I was confused. Was it a sequel? An alternate take? Nope, turns out it is a full remaster of one of my favourite games on PS2. They’ll probably have more info at E3 for this one, maybe some gameplay videos and even a playable build if we’re lucky. I can’t wait for this one as I’ll finally be able to step back into that world I remember so fondly.

Final Fantasy XV

After such a long development I’m expecting to see quite a polished build of this at E3, as well as something different from what we’ve experienced in the recent demos, hopefully we get to see some new mechanics and features. I’m keenly anticipating this one, as ever since XIII I’ve felt a bit burned by Square Enix as Final Fantasy seemed to have lost its way. This looks like a return to form and I’m happy they didn’t drop this title in development hell but rather have pushed forward to bring us what looks like a worthy addition to the numbered entries.

For Honor

This medieval arena-based multiplayer wth bots looks like an interesting title from Ubisoft, and I have to say I’m quite excited for it. The major draw is that it allows you to play as three of the mightiest warriors from feudal times: Vikings, Knights and the deadly Samurai. There appears to be some Interesting swordplay mechanics that bring a rock/paper/scissors feel to the combat for multiplayer and elements of hack and slash, which should surely breed a fun and frantic online game. Having said that there will also be a single player campaign, and we can expect the developers to show some footage at E3. Quietly reserved about this one.

Mass Effect: Andromeda

Not much is known about this title apart from a couple of teaser trailers and some leaked footage/screenshots. Given how great the last games were (bar the ending that had people taking to the street with pitchforks), I think we can be assured this will be a quality ME experience. I’m hoping to see a debut gameplay trailer and an introduction to the world we will be exploring, as well as the new protagonist we are to be taking control of. If we’re lucky we’ll get a playable build but I expect it to be light on content if that’s the case. We’ve all been waiting for this one, so I’m looking forward to what new information we might learn this year. Might even get a release date.


If you’ve read my Nioh demo impressions article from a few weeks ago you’ll already know this is a title I’m keenly anticipating. With its blend of Ninja Gaiden and Dark Souls, Team Ninja look to have a winner on their hands. I’m expecting to see another gameplay trailer and a playable build as well as more information on the wider world of the game and smaller features of the game (fingers crossed for character creator). Keep your eyes on this one guys, could be a surprise hit later this year.

Watch Dogs 2

Officially announced just a few days ago, it comes as no surprise this is confirmed for E3. Firstly I’ll say that I was burned by the first Watch Dogs. I was one of its most vocal supporters following its announcement, even cooking up theories of links with the Assassin’s Creed universe that would bring an unprecedented level of storytelling to gaming in a similar fashion to Marvel. However all my dreams and aspirations for the potential of this game fell flat when I saw what we got. It looks like Watch Dogs 2 is exactly what we thought we were getting the first time round, with added flair from a new protagonist and a bit more of a colourful art style. It looks to fix all the gripes people had with the original game, while also creating a gripe in itself that maybe we should have gotten something closer to this with the original. Either way, I’m mildly excited for this one and will probably pick it up, just don’t expect me to pre-order this time. Expect to see more gameplay as well as playable builds at this years E3.


Skyrim Remaster

This one could be a stretch, however the buzz surrounding E3 and Bethesda this year tends to indicate something is coming. If that something is a Skyrim remaster than consider me on board. I’ve been waiting for this announcement since the PS4 came out. With the timing of VR hitting living rooms worldwide later this year, it seems the perfect time to announce a return to Skyrim with the added option of VR. While it’s a bit speculative I could imagine VR support could be quite a feature of this remaster, giving it another reason to be brought back considering it’s still kind of recent. A lot of fans could be disappointed at the lack of an announcement of a new entry in the series, however the addition of VR could stem the tide of disappointed fans and instead create a sense of excitement to return to an old world in a new way. Either way I’ve been looking forward to this being announced, and hopefully that’s the case at this year’s E3. Not sure if we’ll get a playable build, but we should get at least a gameplay video if this rumour turns out be true.


Vanquish Sequel

If you played this hidden gem on PS3 then I don’t need to tell you why this game needs a sequel, if only just to resolve the cliffhanger the last game left us on. Brought to us by the minds who created Resident Evil and the team at PlatinumGames, this game was copious amounts of fast-paced fun, bringing us a high-octane third-person cover shooter with a campy story and slick anime art style. Go back and check this one out if you have yet to do so. Praying for a sequel one day.

Skate 4

It seems like forever since we saw Skate 3 released and my thumbs are itching to get back to those days. Skate 3 was a solid entry into the series and it’s hard to see why there hasn’t been another entry since, especially as EA seemed to have beaten Tony Hawk at his own game. Again this is just a wild fantasy but if Skate 4 were to be announced this year then I’d basically throw my money at the screen.

Red Dead Redemption Sequel

A lot of rumours that this will make its debut at E3 this year but some of this could just be wishful thinking. It would make sense to announce a sequel to the PS3 masterpiece that was Red Dead Redemption; fans loved it, critics loved it and a sequel would no doubt take what we know and bring it to new levels. Plus it would sell like hotcakes, announce it already Rockstar!

Deep Down

Remember this title? We haven’t seen or heard anything from Capcom for about a year, when they released some screenshots. All Capcom have done since then is extend the title’s trademark for a 4th time out of a possible 5, extending their claim over the title until February 2017. If we don’t see it this year at E3, expect this one to fall into the abyss of forgotten titles. A shame really, this looked to have potential.

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The newest member of Do You Even Game Bro? Rudi enjoys long walks on the beach and romantic candlelit dinners with his favourite feline Cat Winslett.


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