Could A New Dino Crisis Game Or Remake Be On The Cards?

Could A New Dino Crisis Game Or Remake Be On The Cards?

Japanese publisher and developer, Capcom, has a long and rich back catalogue of games that are synonymous with some of gaming’s best experiences from the 80s to the 2000s.

One of those titles is Dino Crisis, a survival horror title in the ilk of Resident Evil, however instead of fighting off t-virus-infected zombies you’re fighting off dinosaurs inside a secret research facility. The third instalment in the series was an Xbox exclusive which took the narrative to space.

Fans of the series have long been requesting Capcom to revive the series, but Capcom has rarely commented on the series’ future. There have been many rumours of a revival in the past but nothing has ever come to fruition, despite Capcom’s business strategy of remastering old titles.

Interestingly, a Twitter account dedicated to Capcom’s development team 1 has responded to a tweet asking whether the series will ever see a new iteration.  Their response (translated from Japanese) reads, “If a lot of people wish ? a lot of people want it”, implying that if enough fans request a new entry or a remake then it may be possible. You can view the tweet below:

It’s worth noting that while the Twitter account claims to be the official account for Dev Team 1, there is no proof (no blue tick) that this is the case. All that us Dino Crisis fans can do is cross our fingers and hope.

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