Death Stranding Adds Some Original Silent Hill Talent Into The Mix

As if the hype train for Death Stranding isn’t rolling down those tracks fast enough, and those horror vibes are going to keep on coming.

Remember P.T? Yeah, that psychological mind fuck that wasn’t just one of the scariest things to grace gaming platforms in years but also a playable teaser for the infamously cancelled Silent Hills.

We now know thanks to the Twitter-sphere that Aki Saito, who has worked on both the timeless PS1 classic that started it all Silent Hill and that ill-fated Hills reboot is joining the party over at Kojima Productions where Death Stranding is in full swing.

Although we have trailers that give us a glimpse into the world of Death Stranding, it is still anybodies guess just what the freakin’ heck the game is actually about. The main protagonist in the game, actor Norman Reedus has gone on record to say that the game will be indeed “mind blowing, epic, the future, and incredible”

That’s a big call.

But hey, it has Mads Mikkelsen in it and that dude has the presence of a hurricane in a glass factory.

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