Destiny 2 Set To Release September 8; Confirmed For PC

Destiny 2 rumours and theories have been on the high recently, following Bungie confirming the game’s existing through an image with “Destiny 2” on it and some things in the background, hence the speculation. Following that Bungie uploaded a rather humorous teaser trailer featuring Cayde-6. Now that all that is behind us, the Destiny 2 reveal trailer was unveiled today and it looks awesome!

As expected, it didn’t really reveal any gameplay, but it would also be hard to imagine the game being vastly different to the original. What’s most unsurprising is that the game is also releasing on PC alongside the previously supported Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Sure, it’s a shame PC players missed out on the Vault of Glass, but who knows what the future holds?

The trailer itself gives us a sneak peak as to what Destiny 2’s premise will be and it seems as if the Guardians have lost everything through an attack on The Tower. This also explains why all your gear and such won’t be carried into the sequel.

Bungie have stated that there will be plenty for solo, cooperative and competitive players to do.

The first hand-son reveal stream will be held on May 19 (for us Australians).

Preorders are available at Destiny’s official website, EB Games, JB Hi-Fi, Mighty Ape, PSN and Xbox Live (currently through the Destiny website).

As expected, preordering will get you access to the game’s beta which is slated for an Australian winter release.

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