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The Division 2’s First 8-Player Raid Arrives This Friday

Time again for Division 2 to raid my free time

For the first time in the series, an 8-player raid is being added to The Division 2 as part of the titles’ end game content. Operation Dark Hours will be playable on Xbox One, PS4 and PC at 3 am AEST Friday, 17 May.

Operation Dark Hours will only be available to players that have reached level 30, with a World Tier Rank of 5 and a Gear Score of 490. The raid itself will take place at Washington National Airport, pitting you and your team against the Black Tusks who have been discovered to be flying in troops and weapons using the runways. To secure the airport you will need skill, strategy and cooperation within your raid team as some of the games’ hardest bosses will be waiting within.

Though a full party of 8 isn’t required to start the raid, it is important to note that the difficulty will not be scaled to the party size, so be prepared for a tough time if you go in with a smaller team. Using the in-game clan system will be advised when looking for players to join the raid, as matchmaking will not be available. It is unclear at this stage whether or not matchmaking will be added at a later date, but we will keep you posted.

The first team to successfully complete Operation Dark Hours will have their achievement forever on display in the form of a group photo with name plaques for each member hung in the in-game White House. All other teams who complete the raid in the first 24 hours will receive an exclusive arm patch, with all successful players thereafter receiving a trophy in their clan space.

The trailer for Operation Dark Hours below:

I personally can’t wait to jump into the new raid and get my arse kicked. But what are your thoughts on the Division 2’s newest challenge? Let us know

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