Dollar Dollar Bills Y’all, That Diablo III Loot Goblin Is Now An Amiibo

My fondest memories of playing D3 are those delightfully annoying treasure goblins that pop up in the most random places spewing gold, gems, mats and other random shit whenever you stab one through the head.

It is a welcome surprise now for Nintendo Switch Diablo III players as we have just got a pretty rad looking amiibo version of this asshole we all kinda love deep down.

What’s the perk of this bad boy? well Once per day, scanning the amiibo will yield a Rainbow Portal to The Vault – the realm of the Treasure Goblins. You’ll find all sorts of juicy treats in here so if you are playing D3 hardcore, you’ll wanna get on this.

If you are planning on making the hike to pick one of these rich bois up, note that this fella is an EB Games Australia exclusive.

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